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Artificial Turf

The demand has increased over the last few years for artificial turf in domestic gardens. It has a number of benefits to many homeowners who can have pets, children or who simply don’t have the time or energy to consistently manage a grass lawn. It is a great alternative if you have a shady garden or have been plagued with moss or leatherjacket grubs.

Artificial turf has improved dramatically with a wide range of green colours, textures and fibre lengths. We are experienced installers and have many samples for you to choose from.

New Lawn & Turf Laying

Achieving a perfect lawn starts long before the turf arrives, attention to detail and professional preparation is the key to creating a stunning finished product. Existing soil will need to be rotovated or dug out by hand, and if necessary improved by the addition of a layer of screened loam topsoil. Once the area has been carefully leveled and finely raked over, a high-quality turf can be laid carefully ensuring the stripes run in pristine straight lines.

Claims of high-quality turf far outstrip its supply, but with over 10 years experience we know a thing or two and have cultivated excellent relationships with select growers in the local area – who consistently provide the best quality product. By only using the best quality turf that has been grown from seed, we can be sure that our lawns stay low maintenance and weed free.

The prospect of a laying a new lawn can be daunting. Aside from the physical aspect of the work (digging up your existing lawn, laying the new turf) turf is a living organism, and many of us suspect that we have the very opposite of ‘green fingers’ and will ruin the result within days! Scape Landscaping can prepare and lay new turf quickly and with great results.

Before we begin to lay the new turf, we must first remove the existing layer if there is one and remove weeds and other plants that are in the soil.

Digging down to around 15cm (6 inches) should ensure that existing turf, roots, seeds and any weeds are removed. Turf grows better in soil that is prepared to encourage deep and rapid rooting.

Turf must be laid within a day of delivery, therefore timing of the job is crucial. Grass needs water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow into a lush green lawn. The grass takes nutrients and water from the ground so the quality of the soil does affect the quality of the lawn. We will remove any stones and roots if your existing soil is easy to break up. If your soil is poor then we can provide a good quality topsoil.

We initially lay the turf along a straight edge, butting each piece closely to the previous piece. Further rows should be staggered in a brickwork style or arrangement. Placing planks on newly laid turf give us a way to walk along newly laid turf without displacing it, and also gives a place to kneel down in order to work on the joins without causing any damage to the new lawn.

After we have laid your lawn, it is important to water the grass frequently for the first 2-3 weeks. If you’re unsure whether the turf is moist enough, simply lift the corners and make sure that the water has percolated through to the roots.

Grass Turfing

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