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Stone Walling & Split Face Cladding

Stone Walling

We have built many stone walls and raised beds with locally sourced quarry stone in the Exeter and surrounding area.

Stone walling is a craft which takes time and the finish is very much dependant on the workmanship and knowledge of the stone mason.

Dry stone walls

Dry stone walls are often free-standing boundary walls, the dry stone technique makes strong retaining walls due to the land behind the wall is allowed to drain freely between the stones. Dry stone is very eco-friendly as it doesn’t require mortar and works with nature to blend into the landscape.

Mortar bedded stone

Mortar bedded walls are structurally stronger than dry stone walls and better suited to load bearing. Solidly built mortar bedded stone walls are often found in modern renovations, barn conversions, and developments.

Stone cladding

Stone cladding is commonly used inside and outside and is also know as split-face walling. These interior and exterior stone cladding panels are fairly quick to install and virtually maintenance free. There are a vast number of styles, material types, and patterns to choose from and the results are modern and breathtaking.

We have many examples in our portfolio and can provide local addresses for you to view our work

Stone Walling

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